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Lab Tests

How to order lab tests from direct labs

I have created a portal through direct labs to make self-ordering lab tests easier. 

Order Tests Here

Suggested Testing

I have put together a list of some helpful tests you might consider.

There are two ways you can order tests.

1. Click the 'Order Tests' tab for a quick link to my most frequently recommended tests. 

2. Call 800-908-0000 and order using the code R-GEND.

(You will be prompted to create your own portal account so that you can receive the results of your tests directly.)


Heavy Metals:

Hair Toxic and Essential Elements-Doctor's Data Kit  

International Hair Toxic and Essential Elements-Doctor's Data Kit Plus Shipping


Other Toxins:

GPL-TOX Profile (173 Toxic Non-Metal Chemicals)-Great Plains Lab Kit 

Mycotoxin Panel, Total-RealTime Labs Kit



208 Food Panel IgG (Blood Spot)-US BioTek Kit

Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity; bloodspot-Doctor's Data Kit


Comprehensive Wellness 1 Alcat Panel-Cell Science Systems Kit (Requires blood draw)

ELISA/Act Enhanced Basic (212 items)-Kit (Requires blood draw)


Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity; bloodspot-Doctor's Data Kit



Methylation Panel-Genova Kit (requires blood draw)

Genomic SNP's (Add-On Only to Methylation Panel)-Genova Kit

MTHFR Individual Gene-Cell Science Systems Kit



Thyroid Health Panel-Ayumetrix Kit



Vitamin D-Ayumetrix Kit

Hemoglobin A1c-Ayumetrix Kit

Inflammation Panel-Ayumetrix Kit


Women’s Health:

Women's Health-Ayumetrix Kit

Diurnal Cortisol-Ayumetrix Kit

DUTCH Complete-Precision Analytical Inc. Kit


Covid Antibodies:

SARS-CoV-2 IgG Antibody; serum (COVID-19)-Doctor's Data Kit (requires blood draw)

Order Tests Here

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