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Who Want to Raise Healthy Children Despite our Toxic World.

ooo, Tell me more!

Give me a break...! Why is literally everything on store shelves full of toxic chemicals?

With my 5-day Toxin Free Challenge you will learn how to toss the toxins and create a healthy home so your family can THRIVE.

Are you ready to detoxify your life? 

Many of the items in your home, from cleaning products to the food you eat, may contain toxic compounds that could be making your family sick!

You can start living a toxin free life without all the overwhelm.  

My 5 day Toxin Free Challenge gives you all the tools you need to start ridding your home of those sneaky, hidden chemicals! 

And it's yours for less than pennies a day 'cause it's FREE!!!

Toxin free? Heck Ya! Sign ME UP! --->

You know heavy metals are probably at the root of your child's problems but...

FRANKLY, YOU'RE SCARED...! Maybe you started detoxing but you're not sure if you're doing it right (or maybe you're even too nervous to start).

Test Your detox knowledge!

Get Started by Downloading the Detoxing Myths Cheat Sheet.

And don't worry if you 'believe the hype,' cause we got your back.   

12 Metal Detox Myths...

Make sure you aren't Getting it Wrong!

Listen to Tressie's interview with Hilda on the Wise Traditions Podcast.

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Just a Little Note About:

Tressie Taylor and Jan Martin

Most of you know we wrote Fight Autism and Win.  Many of you have known us for years in online groups, but for those of you who'd like a little background on our experience and trainings you can check out our bios.

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