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Finding a biomedical doctor isn’t the only way to recover your child. They are still relying on the same system that teaches that immunizations are safe for everyone. 

The same mindset that contributed to your child's challenges won't be the one to pave their way to healing.

There's a more direct route to nurturing your child's well-being, one that acknowledges their unique needs and empowers you to lead their recovery journey effectively.

You can fast-track your child's journey.

We spent thousands of dollars and hours figuring out how to heal our children, so you don't have to.

We're giving you the exact process we used to recover our children. You don't even have to go GF/CF or heal the gut first.   

All the tools you need are waiting for you inside our programs. 

It’s time for YOU to lead your child’s recovery.

Leading Your Child's Recovery Means:

Knowing Which Supplements To Give

Knowing how to connect behaviors to solutions allows you to tailor supplements, diets, and interventions to your child's specific needs.

Having Clarity When Choosing Interventions

Understanding the potential benefits and risks of any supplement or intervention gives you the confidence to know you’re making safe choices

Saving Time: No More Rabbit Hole Distractions

By removing heavy metals and addressing other issues at the same time, you are actually healing your child, not just improving a lab test. 

"I was overwhelmed with information and needed a solid framework and action plan to follow. The experience was fabulous. The background details of foundation, general health and need basis supplements were a tremendous help. Absolutely! Highly recommended for those who are struggling and looking for support to start. "


We're two parents whose children battled with the damaging effects of heavy metals. We know exactly how heartbreaking it is to watch your child struggle to do things others take for granted and be terrified for their future. 

All you want is for your child to have the same opportunities everyone else has, for their dreams not to be limited by their abilities, and to make their pain go away. 

What will happen to him when I'm gone? How will she self-advocate? Live independently? Have a family, friendships, a career?  

We overcame these challenges. We've been there, done that, got ourselves and our children through it,  and helped thousands of parents do the same.

Our approach is rooted in real-world results, not just theories or empty promises.

We created a step-by-step method that shows you how to detox your kids safely and naturally with confidence, so they can live happy and healthy lives!

             - Tressie Taylor & Jan Martin

A Step-by-Step Approach to Recovery

WE DON'T overwhelm you with a lot of doctor speak. WE DO give you the exact information you need to recover your child.


Learn how to determine if toxic metals are at the root of your child’s issues. Discover where they hide and eliminate them.


We will address adrenal fatigue, and yeast, and start ACC detox with proper support. You will watch your child master new skill after new skill.


Develop an individual strategy plan. This is the general biomed phase when you look at parasites, viruses, thyroid, diet, Lymes, etc...


Now, when you look to the future, you can see your child living an independent life while building relationships with friends and family.

Three Ways to Get Started on Your Journey

Choose the level of support that's right for you.

Digital Book

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Live Coaching

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Understand Symptoms and Behaviors

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Yeast, Adrenal, Bacteria, Parasites, Viruses

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