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Finding the Perfect Supplement

Uncategorized May 20, 2020


So I just wanted to talk to you for a minute about products and brands.  I get this question all the time and to be honest, I always hesitate to answer it.  


Because its a loaded question for me. I hate people who only want to sell me something and I never want to be that person.  I want anything I offer to be so packed with value that you are blown away. It has to truly make your experience worth every penny you spend, but I am affiliated with a supplement company and I really do believe in their products.  

So how do I answer the question “what brands are good?” without talking about these awesome products? Or how do I tell you about how great they are, without sounding like I am just pushing them to get you to buy something that benefits me? 

Well, it usually goes like this: “I use these products, I formulated them, but you don't have to buy them bla, bla, bla.”  Was actually helpful? No, but it’s me trying really hard not to sound like a sleazy salesperson who wants to line their pockets whether it's good for you or not. 

(And I gotta tell you the biomedical world is full to the brim with these people so beware!) 

Overcompensating much?   

So here is my solution.  I’m going to lay it all on the line right here.  Why I love Everything Spectrum Products, why they exist, and why you might want to use them.  I am also going to tell you when you might want to choose a different product.  Because it really is about what works best for you and your child. 

So here goes:

When I lost our doctor and started the journey of detoxing my child by myself (back in 2008) I had to figure out what supplements would work.  They had to be the right form, the right amounts, great quality, no bad fillers.  I poured over available supplements and brands.  

I started with quality: I ruled out brands I didn't trust with awful fillers and other ick.  

Then I’d look at forms: does it have oxide minerals or the wrong form of B3 or D or vitamin A? 

Then I’d look at ingredients: I ruled out supplements that had things I didn’t want to give like MSM, NAC, or glutathione. 

Then I’d look at the strength: How much  B-vitamins, C, A, zinc, etc…  Consider the price as compared to the amount of nutrition and was it worth it? Did it give me enough of what I needed in the right amounts? 

There was never one product that would do it so I’d have to put several together and add up the contents to get totals.   

I’d finally settle on the ones to buy, they’d come and invariably one of them was a tablet instead of the capsule (I had to crush tablets back then since my sone didn't swallow caps yet). Or had the wrong form of something I’d overlooked.  

I went through this process, again and again, every time I had to order supplements.  Comparing buys dividing pouring half of this cap a third of that one-two of these, etc… just to get what would meet the guidelines and work for my child.  It took so much energy and frustration.  

That was just the foundation supplements.  Next, we had the chelators.  Oh, now you get to open capsules and pour out the contents and divide the little piles of powder up into smaller piles and feel completely like some suburban drug dealer.  Seriously!!!? 

I wasn’t alone. Countless other parents complained and questioned and had the same frustrations I did. 

I couldn't understand why someone hadn’t come up with a better way.  

(I mean they’d been doing this protocol since 1999!)  

I had taken courses on nutrition and nutraceuticals as part of my naturopathic program so I thought, “What if I created some products that would meet basic needs and make it so much easier to get started on the protocol?”  

It's like “What if” is my mantra:  

Birth of the Fight Autism and Win book: “What if there was a book that had all the basics parents needed to know just to get started?” 

Birth of Detoxing Kids Course: “What if there was an online course with short lessons so parents could learn the protocol while multi-tasking?”

And so... Everything Spectrum supplements were born and I love them.  

So yes, when you ask me what brands I want to shout Everything Spectrum from the rooftops.  

Three caps of Children's multi and 2 caps of Essential 4 three times a day and my son was set. Foundation supplements, done and done.  And when its time to give a dose of Chelator I got to ditch the ‘drug dealer feels’ cause we had 5 mg, 12 mg, and 25 mg doses available.  

Whoot! Whoot! 

Now, I told you I would let you know when ES products arent right for you.   

That's simple. There is no one size fits all supplement guaranteed to be the very best for every child. There are times when ES won’t be the best choice for you.   

Here are a few reasons to choose other brands: 

#1 If you are buying a product ES doesn't carry.  

(LOL)  Ok well... this is obvious but I thought a little comic relief would be nice.  Of course, ES isn't the only brand of supplements you’ll need.  There are lots of good products out there. 

#2 If the forms or ingredients don't work for your child or your child doesn't tolerate one or more of the supplements in the multi-products.

Some children cant take the full amount of magnesium or B-vitamins especially at the beginning of detox.  If you have a child who is sensitive to forms and need a more specialized form then you might find another brand that will work better.  Always use what works best for your child.

#3 If you need to be conservative with your monthly spend and are willing to devote time to dividing doses in order to save money.  

One amazing thing about this protocol is that there is very little barrier to entry.  You can detox your child on as little as $10 a month if that's all you can afford.  (Literally, I had one of my clients gift my consult to their friend who was on a fixed income. I sourced low-cost options and priced it out for them.)  Cheaper supplements might not be ideal and they won't work if your child is very sensitive to fillers and things, but it can absolutely be done.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to heal your child. 

The most important thing to remember is to just get started.  So thanks for listening and as always...

Best in Recovery,


P.S. The URL for ES is and there’s a discount code.  Pop the code GDC20 into the shopping cart for 20% off all their products.


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