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Strategy Session Members Only

We can discuss any areas of concern for you in this individual 45-minute session. I've worked with clients (young and old) on a variety of health topics:

  • Supplement questions
  • Adrenal or Yeast control
  • Herbs that support the body in fighting viruses or bacterial issues, immune support
  • Questions regarding chelators dosing timing etc...
  • Troubleshooting to get started or get unstuck along the way. 
  • Figuring out the best next step
  • Choosing a diet to support gut health
  • Non-Detox related health goals

This is a discount benefit included for those who have purchased any of the following digital courses:

  • Detoxing Kids Group Coaching
  • Lower Your Toxic Burden
  • Gut Reset

What People Are Saying:

My son has done 178 rounds so far. It is because of you (Tressie) and Jan that my son is almost off the spectrum. When we started I had every intention of going the full 300 rounds because my son was worth it. We still have a bit to go but he is a different kid! To someone who is unfamiliar with ASD they would never know. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me, my family, and my son. Taking Andy's work and making it digestible for a busy mom was what I needed. Thank you! I owe you, Jan, and especially Andy a huge debt of gratitude. Keep up your awesome work, keep fighting for our next generation, keep holding the ACC touch high. I adore you!