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Detoxing Kids The Digital Book

The most current metal detox information available! Why spend so much time trying to piece information together when we have already put the time, schooling, and real-life experiences into this book to help you fast track your detox journey! Learn how to detox your kids safely and naturally, STEP-BY-STEP!

This book is based on completely safe and natural detox practices that are tried and true. We used these techniques with our own children and have received countless success stories from other families too.

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What Parents think!

We did various biomed interventions for 3 years, before finally discovering that my children's root issues were mercury and lead toxicity. 10 months after starting detox, my oldest tested out of Occupational Therapy because he lost almost all of his sensory processing issues. And 11 months into detox, we noticed drastic improvement in one of my youngest's food allergies. By our 2 year mark, he lost two allergies completely and his anxiety has greatly improved. This book has been such a lifesaver and I refer back to it often.

LP - Reader