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Are you ready to recover your child?

Are you constantly worrying about their future? Is the thought of having a conversation with your child just a dream? Will they be able to learn, sleep at night, or even just MAKE FRIENDS?!?


Here's the heart of the matter: if you want real results you have to lead your child’s recovery! And to do that, you have to be able to make informed and knowledgeable choices. 

No one is more invested in your child than you.

But leading their recovery and doing it alone are not the same. There are right and wrong ways to heal from heavy metals. Believe me, I learned the hard way.

In the beginning, it was like navigating a maze in a fog, and the road ahead seemed longer than a Tolkien trilogy.

But guess what? I found my child amidst the chaos. All it took was an appetite for knowledge, hours on Google, and the support of my tribe.

We were the trailblazers, hacking our way through the wilderness, and we finally saw the light on the other side.

Now, I'm handing you the map, along with all the knowledge and support you need to make this your child's reality.


Are you on a mission to ditch the labels and unlock your child's true potential?

If you're ready to break free from the alphabet soup (ASD, ADHD, OCD, PANS/PANDAS, etc…) and delve into the world of empowerment and support, then the GenDetox Club is tailor-made for you.

Is this right for you?

If these sound like you, Gendetox Club is perfect for you
  • You're just getting started.¬†You¬†want to do it right¬†and not waste time.¬†
  • You want validation and answers to questions when they come up
  • You're terrified¬†that you will do something that will cause more harm to your child.
  • You want help to¬†break it down step-by-step,¬†so you know you are doing it right.
  • You want to book calls when you need them most
  • You're looking for a trusted community of parents¬†who understand what you are going through.
  • You want¬†to stay in the know with the¬†most current and up-to-date¬†information
  • You want to continue learning and receiving knowledge and resources in addition to what you already know
  • You never know when challenges or questions will come up and you want somewhere to turn when they do.


I am a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband and the mother of six terrific children.  

My journey with Biomed started in 2007 when my son was diagnosed with low to moderate functioning Autism. Like most parents, I was desperate to find answers to help my child.

My son may have begun with a diagnosis of Low Functioning Autism, but today he is in a regular classroom. He has friends, does not need any special diets, no more handfuls of supplements, no yeast, and no digestive issues!¬†‚Äč

I am a Holistic Nutritionist and Spectrum Health Consultant.  I have received much of my knowledge from hands-on experience with my own son and endless hours engaged with other parents.
‚ÄčFor those who are interested in knowing more about my educational experience, can read more about me and Gendetox by clicking here.

Unleash the Power of Gendetox Club for $29/MO

Join a community of like-minded parents committed to the well-being of their children. As a Gendetox Club member, you'll enjoy: 

Monthly In-Depth Lessons: Dive into a new detox topic each month, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate the issues that pertain to our toxic children.

Extended Access: Missed a lesson? No worries! Enjoy 30-day access to the previous month's materials, ensuring you can learn at your own pace.

Live Discussions and Q&A: Connect with other parents and our expert coach in real-time. Get your burning questions answered and share experiences in a supportive environment. 

Discounts on Individual Coaching Sessions - $75 for a 60-minute session (Normally $225) Take advantage of deeply discounted one-on-one coaching sessions. We will guide you through personalized strategies for your child's unique needs. 

New GF/CF 'Done For You' Meal Plans¬†Every Month¬†Ditch the hassle of figuring out what's for dinner. Each month you'll¬†access new gluten-free and casein-free menu plans, grocery lists, and recipes ‚Äď crafted to suit your child's nutritional needs while making mealtime a joy.¬†


Why Gendetox Club?

Your child's journey to optimal health begins here. Subscribe now for just $29/month and become part of a community dedicated to supporting each other on the path to detoxification success.

I'm really excited about this new, more affordable coaching option for members.

Before, coaching calls were packaged with our Detoxing Kids Coaching Course, and individual calls were $225/hr. But now, considering the economy and parents' need for flexibility, I'm offering 1-on-1 coaching as a separate, more accessibly priced service to GenDetox Club Members ONLY.

Parents often need varying levels of support based on how their child is managing the detox process. It's normal to hit a snag after things have been going well, and it can be tough to handle alone. As a Club Member, you'll have the advantage of quickly getting a coaching call at a much lower rate when you need it.

I firmly believe this approach is the best for parents.

 Inside Look at our 2 Most Popular Programs

Join Tressie, Founder and Lead Coach, in this exclusive walkthrough video as we peel back the layers of our two most popular programs Detoxing Kids Video Course and GenDetox Club. We'll showcase the resources, support, and transformative potential waiting for you and your family.



And feel confident and supported as you detox your child from heavy metals

Gendetox Club


Month-to-Month. Cancel anytime.

  • Access¬†monthly virtual¬†group calls
  • Access exclusive added resources and content just for members
  • Monthly Q&A Opportunities
  • The opportunity to get help when challenges or questions arise
  • New menus, shopping lists and recipes every month
  • Members can book as many or as few 1-on-1 coaching calls as they want. It's completely as needed. Book for 66% Off the normal rate (only $75/Session)

As soon as you sign up, will send you an email with instructions for accessing your Gendetox Club portal.


Interested in the Detoxing Kids Course?

Learn more about our in-depth video course that gives you all the resources you need to fast-track your child's recovery. Learn the exact products and process I used to recover my child. Save time and eliminate errors in your child's journey. 

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