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If you're the parent of a child who's been labeled (ADHD, Autism, OCD, ODD, Developmental Delays, heck, anything...) then you already know there has to be a way to heal them.

I know when I don't feel good I don't do good, so why do so many professionals seem to think our children should be held to a higher standard than we hold ourselves? You know your child's struggles aren't just genetic. You know if their body was healthier their brain would be too. 


Are you ever afraid that some choice you make is going to harm your child?  Scared you'll do the wrong thing, or maybe the right thing but in the wrong order? Setbacks..? Regressions..? Damage..? You don't have to be afraid or nervous anymore, because every step of this program is ultra focused on safety.  We didn't use any dangerous, untested fads to heal our kids and neither should you. 


We've watched as new fads fly through the biomed community practically every year. Why aren't people still gushing over them? ...because many of them just don't work. Parents have followed this protocol for over two decades because the benefits are obvious. You don’t need to wait for years of research to be done before you can finally see your child learn to talk, make friends, or sleep through the night. 


Learning to heal a heavy metal toxic child is time consuming. It's hard enough just caring for a child with special needs. Now you've got to carve out a couple hours a day to read a book or search endless websites? The struggle is real. That's why this program is broken down into short, actionable videos. Even a sleep deprived Mom or Dad can pop on a video while making dinner or during bath time.  

"I just have to share that my 5 y/o son is thriving on this protocol. In just 28 rounds, he has gone from disconnected words and a few brief sentences, most of them scripted, to spontaneous functional language. Right now, he's watching a movie, laughing and making comments about every scene. Words can't start to describe our gratitude."

Son, age 5 (28 rounds)

What does this course cover anyway?

Glad you asked! In the basic membership you get access to all four Modules including Resources and Quizzes. Each Module contains 4-6 actionable lessons. Each module will become available 1-2 weeks after the prior one. This gives you time to complete the lessons, steps, and quizzes and be ready to move to the next level. You will receive an email just before we begin the course outlining the exact time each module will open so you can mark your calendar.

Module 1

Determining Toxicity

In this module we will show you how to figure out if your child is toxic. 

  • Lesson 1: You will understand just what the signs of heavy metal toxicity look like.
  • Lesson 2: Find out where metals come from in our environment and how to minimize current exposure and risk.
  • Lesson 3: Learn all about how they act in the body and what questions to ask to assess past exposure and likelihood of your child's toxicity.
  • Lesson 4: Find out the best way to test for toxicity and why some tests don't work and others could damage your child.
  • Lesson 5: Most importantly learn what not to do in order to avoid endangering your child's wellbeing.
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Module 2

First Steps: How to Prepare for Safe Detox

Here we walk you through what you need to do to prepare a child's body for detox.

  • Lesson1: Find out which supplements are absolutely essential during detox and how they function.
  • Lesson 2: Learn about how dental issues affect the process and which treatments could interfere with safety.
  • Lesson 3: Learn all about healthy stress management and how to support the body properly throughout detoxing. 
  • Lesson 4: Find out how to prepare the gut and what to do to maintain a healthy microbial balance throughout the entire process.  
  • Lesson 5: Learn which additional supplements to use for a well-rounded level of support which ensures the best nutritional balance for a toxic child.
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Module 3

Detox 101: Low Frequent Dose Heavy Metal Detox 

In this module we walk you through step-by-step exactly what you need to do to detox a child safely and effectively.

  • Lesson 1: Covers which chelator to choose and why choosing just one or using a combination from the beginning might be better for your child.
  • Lesson 2: Teaches you the unbreakable rules to safe detox as well as when it's ok to make personal adjustments to fit your lifestyle. 
  • Lesson 3: Learn the tips and tricks to dividing the doses and getting a child to swallow them every time without struggle.
  • Lesson 4: Find out the signs and symptoms of detox and how to adjust the support supplements to make the process flow smoothly.
  • Lesson 5: Learn about dose adjustments like when and why you might increase the dose you are giving. Also how to recognize the dump phase and what to do to ensure a nice transition back to active detox.
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Module 4

Next Steps: Going Beyond Detox

In this module we will teach you some of the most helpful things you can do to increase your child's quality of life.  These approaches to health and healing can be done right along side detox to get you to the finish line faster. 

  • Lesson 1: Learn the difference between a healthy diet and a therapeutic diet and how to choose the best foods for your child.
  • Lesson 2: Learn about gut /brain balance and dealing with bacteria, parasites, constipation and leaky gut.
  • Lesson 3 parts 1 & 2: All about additional supplements that can make huge impacts on things like language, energy, anxiety, focus and concentration, coordination and so much more. 
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Checklists, Resource pages, and Worksheets, Oh MY!!

We simplify the process of learning everything you need to know and understand to heal your child.  

We've also included short quizzes to highlight the most important takeaways from each lesson. 

At the end you will get a Certificate showing you have successfully completed the Detoxing Kids Course. 

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Upgrade to Premium Membership

If you want to get even more out of this jam packed course then you just can't pass this up. Membership at this level is limited so be sure to sign up before all the slots fill up because once it's gone it's gone!
(Course Begins February 28th)


You'll be added to our private facebook group only for members of Detoxing Kids. This will be your classroom during the live phase of the course. After three months it'll close. We hope this encourages you to fully participate because what happens in Detoxing Kids Class stays in Detoxing Kids class. (wink)

Bonus: Tressie will 'GO LIVE ' every time we release a new module. She'll answer your questions and dive deep into some of the most important topics. 

Bonus Lessons

We may offer these as stand alone mini-courses one day but if you upgrade now you'll never be charged for access.   

Bonus 1: Seizures  
(detoxing sensitive kids)

Bonus 2: Immune
(Allergies, PANDAS/PANS, Lyme)

Bonus 3: Genetic Variants
(Methylation/ MTHFR)

Bonus 4: Thyroid
(Determining low thyroid issues) 



You'll get a full two hour private consultation with me (Tressie) via phone or skype. No more wondering, "am I doing this right?" 

This is a $300 value only for premium members.

You can't book a consultation with me any other way because I have put all my energy into making Detoxing Kids the most amazing program ever.  


Pricing Options

Basic DIY



Module 1 Determining Toxicity

Module 2 First Steps

Module 3 Detox 101

Module 4 Next Steps






Everything in DIY Plus

2 Hour Phone/Skype Consult

Private Facebook Group

Bonus Modules

(Seizures, Immune, Genes, Thyroid)






Everything in DIY Plus

2 Hour Phone/Skype Consult

Private Facebook Group

Bonus Modules

(Seizures, Immune, Genes, Thyroid)


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